3 Amazing Linux Screencast Combo Apps For Youtube Video Production


I recently set up a Linux Ubuntu system on my home computer and it’s been amazing.  It runs everything butter smooth and never crashed once so far.  One of the first things I need to set up are tools to help me create Youtube videos for my PentaCode channel.  The software combo I need are: Screen Recorder, Sound Recorder/Editor, and Video Editor.  After many hours of trial and error I finally found the a set of tools I think I can trust to provide me with the ability to produce high quality videos.  I would like to share with you these set of tools and hopefully it’ll save you time in the future.

Simple Screen Recorder

I chose Simple Screen Recorder for all my recording needs, this is a FAST yet POWERFUL application that provides you with the ability to record either your whole screen or fixed location.  From my experimentation, it was able to record 60 fps with no problem and you can even choose the type of file output you want.  File output are small too, but high quality.  There is no noticeable performance issue with my recordings.  I highly recommend this screen recorder for all your capturing needs.

Here are my settings:

Simple Screen Recorder Setting


Simple Screen Recorder Setting


There is no better software out there for Audio than Audacity. Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. It is more than enough for my audio recording.  I have a Blue Yeti microphone to record my voice, and I hooked it up directly with Audacity so I can record, edit my tracks.

audacity linux

Kdenlive Video Editor

Previously when I was on Windows 7, I was doing all my edits on WIndows Movie Maker, it’s a very old, outdated software, but somehow I was able to get my edits done (it helps I record all my videos in one take).  Now that I’m on Linux, I needed to find a new video editor that can replicate my editing needs.  I eventually settled on Kdenlive Video Editor

So far all I’ve used it is for video/audio multi track editing. It has effects and transitions you would expect from a video editor.  Rendering process is very quick and offers variety of options.

I hope you find these software as useful as they’ve been for me.  If you have recommendations of your own, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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