Tldr: Yarn, Package Manager from Facebook


Facebook released Yarn, a package manager to replace NPM.  Here’s a tldr of why it’s a big deal:

  • Official URL:
  • Facebook, with large code base and thousands of engineers struggled with NPM
  • Problems with consistency, security, and performance are hard to solve.
  • Yarn was a result of their internal tweaks to NPM and collaboration effort from Exponent, Google, and Tilde.
  • Yarn is NOT a package registry. Yarn pulls packages from, which allows them to run experiments with the Yarn client. This is a proxy that pulls packages from the official npm registry, much like
  • “With Yarn, engineers still have access to the npm registry, but can install packages more quickly and manage dependencies consistently across machines or in secure offline environments.”
  • Problems with NPM: node_modules tree structure could be different depend on the order modules are installed, thus making it non-deterministic, Yarn solves that by using lockfiles and recursively install modules with a deterministic algorithm
  • Package checksums are stored in lockfiles
  • Global module cache to help reduce installation time
  • Backwards compatible with NPM and Bower
  • Start using it by: npm install -g yarn
  • Instead of npm install you simply do yarn
  • Instead of npm install something –save you do yarn add something
  • This thing is SUPER FAST!
  • Does NOT work with installing private npm modules or Github at the moment but it may come soon, help contribute!
  • Why I’m Working on Yarn by one of the contributers, Yehuda Katz

NPM vs Yarn speed comparison

npm vs yarn comparision

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