Dev Humor Volume I


This is a compilation of developer related humor posts sourced from the web, if you would like to contribute, please Email or contact us on social media with hash tag #devhumor

Warning: Image heavy

1. Cyber police is watching you on Facebook (u/JThistl3)

2. It’s okay, we forgive you… as long as you comment it (u/llagerlof)

3. When you want to make your point across about Tabs vs Spaces (u/Evennot)

4. The three secrets to become the best engineer (u/leaguelism)

5. Don’t like the new Mac Book Pro? No problem (u/IllegalArgException)

6. Maybe it’s a new type of type case

7. Yes this is exactly what debugging feels like (u/hkma14)

8. How it feels to fix bugs in production (u/Mr_Unix)

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9. Admit it, you’ve said most of these (u/PetzCouldBeBad)

10. Good things come in small packages (u/tricklaney)

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