Dev Humor Volume II


This is a compilation of developer related humor posts sourced from the web, if you would like to contribute, please Email or contact us on social media with hash tag #devhumor

Warning: Image heavy

1. The only reason you’ll use the Double keyword (u/bagooda)

2. At least they know what they’re doing (u/PinkLionThing)

3. Quality pick up line right there (u/ultim4t3)

4. You know there are too many JS libraries when… (u/davisek)

5. Do not disturb!

6. Javascript jokes so bad you have to facepalm. (u/Play_Rust)

7. Tell me more about your usage of !important in CSS (hackernoon)

8. This professor obvious never worked in the professional industry (@drewconway)

9. Programming level: dad jokes (u/UmCouldYouNot)

10. Have you done async operations before?? (@iamdevloper)

10. Javascript frameworks today (@thomasfuchs)

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