yongzhi huang

PentaCode is a coding tutorial website accompanied by a Youtube Channel to provide practical coding tutorials for web developers.  This project was created out of a need to provide quality and free coding education to the world.

My name is Yongzhi Huang, I am a senior software from New York City.  I’ve been a programmer for over a decade.  I started programming in my early teens, having a natural curiosity towards computer programming ever since my dad bought me a Windows 95 computer.  I bought “Sam’s Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days” and “Sam’s Teach Yourself Visual Basic in 21 days” and studied them more than my school work.  One of the the proudest achievements of my life was a Point of Sale software I built for my dad’s restaurant written 100% in Visual Basic 6.

In College I majored in Computer Science.  Even though the program was thorough in theoretical concepts, I graduated with very little real world web experience.  Thirsty for knowledge I found an internship at a publishing company as my first foray into the industry.  For the next few years, I soaked up incredible knowledge from amazing people I worked with.  I was young and motivated and if I want something to happen, I would work as hard as I can to make it happen, with no time for complaints and more time for actions!

I also have a deep love for entrepreneurship and I think it’s extremely fun to create a business to fulfils other people’s needs.  PentaCode is not a full blown business (yet), but I hope to serve the needs of developers, I am very proud of what I’ve built, and the most rewarding part of this is that I know by sharing what I know with the community, I can help someone in need.

I hope you enjoy this website and continue to support it and I have BIG plans coming so be sure to stick around by subscribing to our social channels: Youtube Twitter Facebook


This website is not profit, but I do have affiliate links on our website in order to keep the site running.  So if you want to support us, please visit our partners and see what they have to offer.