PentaCode is a coding tutorial website accompanied by a Youtube Channel to provide practical coding tutorials for web developers.  The whole website was created and maintained by me (Yongzhi Huang) and was created out of the need to provide free coding education to the world.

yongzhi huang

My name is Yongzhi Huang, I am a full time web developer from New York City.  I’ve been a web developer for over 5 years now, but I started programming in my early teens.  I have a natural curiosity towards computer programming ever since my dad bought me a Windows 95 computer when I was 11.  I would buy books like “Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days” and “Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic in 21 days” and study it more than my school work.  The application I’m most proud of was a Point of Sale software I built for my dad’s restaurant when I was working in his restaurant, that was 100% in Visual Basic 6.

In College I majored in Computer Science and went through the program to learn about theoretical concepts.  I graduated with very little practical experience with what’s needed in the real world.  It wasn’t long for me to get interested in web development. Thirsty for knowledge I found an internship at a publishing company in order to gain some real world web dev knowledge.   I work tirelessly at work and outside of work to get to where I am today because I am a very competitive person, and if I want something to happen, I would work as hard as I can to make it happen, less complaining and more actions!  I also have a big love for entrepreneurship and I think it’s extremely fun to create a business to fulfils other people’s needs.  While PentaCode is not a full blown business (yet), it serves the need of developers who wants practical tutorials, I am very proud of what I’ve created and all the hard work I put towards it. The most rewarding thing I get from it is when I read comments about how helpful the tutorials were for my audience.

I hope you enjoy this website and continue to support it and I have BIG plans coming so be sure to stick around by subscribing to our social channels: Youtube Twitter Facebook


This website and channel is not profit, but I do have affiliate links on our website in order to keep the site running.  So if you want to support us, please visit our partners and see what they have to offer. You can also pledge your support on my Patreon page.